What to expect

The first appointment: 

Allow a few minutes extra at your first appointment to familiarize yourself with parking, locate the correct suite, and fill out paperwork.  I will come greet you in the lobby at our scheduled appointment time.  Once we are settled in the office, I will encourage you to share the concerns that have brought you to therapy.

We will discuss your outcome goals, and path forward including duration and frequency of appointments.  Depending on your symptoms referrals for psychiatric care (medication management), alternative self-care (EMDR, acupuncture, body work) and/or support groups (AA, bereavement groups) in addition to your individual therapy may be suggested.  It is encouraged that you discuss with me any concerns or discomfort you feel regarding the therapeutic process. 

Ongoing treatment:  

Memories can be upsetting especially when associated with past wounds. We will work through these difficult times at a pace and approach that you feel comfortable with.

My techniques have evolved within a depth psychotherapy framework influenced by Jungian and contemporary relational modalities. Informed by this framework, I work best with clients seeking a deeper level of self understanding.

While the modality and therapeutic techniques used by a therapist are important considerations, your treatment’s outcome will also be greatly influenced by the level of comfort you feel working with me.