Choosing a psychotherapist

Finding the best psychotherapist for your needs can be a daunting task.  Here are some items to consider when choosing a therapist:

  • When you first meet or talk to a potential therapist note how comfortable and/or safe you feel during the conversation.
  • Is the individual easy to talk to?
  • Does he or she give you space to speak freely and explore your emotions, ideas, and concerns without  judgment?
  • Does the therapist’s approach sync up with the areas you would like to focus on? 
  • Given your current financial situation can you afford the fee?
  • Is the office location and availability of the therapist workable to meet your schedule?

Be sure to note the things you like and the things that cause concern during the initial meetings. Both sides are important and discussing these with your therapist will help you both gauge whether or not the therapeutic relationship is a good fit.